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Why Franchising:

The concept of Franchising is readily acceptable, successful, commercially viable and proven in the Pre-school Business Domain. A pre-school is a neighborhood concept with high scalability wherein the resources to run the business are readily available in every nook and corner of the globe. Apart from General Health & Hygiene and security, the quality control parameters are not really stringent. Hence, maintenance of prescribed standards is also not difficult. However, the core resources of this business are the centre staff; hence Human Resource management plays a crucial part to accelerate the business pace. Globally it is a proven Win-Win business format

The key factors responsible for the increase in demand for preschool education in India are:-
  • • The size of the population of kids in pre-schooling age.
  • • The opening up of the service sector in India
  • • Women empowerment and Increase of women employees, who are very serious about their child’s education.
  • • Opening up of tier-II and tier-III cities enabling increased Urbanization; enhanced awareness in rural India as well.
  • • The age profile of Indian population, with approximately half of them in the fertility age bracket, either having their little ones or expecting in next 5 years.
  • • Increased instances of double income families.
  • • Guardians who realize the potential of good education as an investment for their child’s future and pre-schooling as the fundamental stepping stone to make sure that the child does not miss out the developmental milestones in formative years that is crucial for the child’s development and impacts his/her entire lifetime.



As a prospective franchisee of Techno Junior, you require
  • • Passion and understanding about the pre-school domain, right mind-set and with sufficient resources to carry the brand the way we expect it to be delivered.
  • • Financial capability to invest
  • • To adhere firmly with the guidelines provided by TIG and to drive the Franchise Unit aggressively with a vision to be the best in the locality.
  • • Own property or ability to rent space
  • • Premise with some Open Space in environmentally congenial surroundings in residential / semi residential locations safe and conducive for children.
  • • Preferably an independent house / bungalow, with a separate boundary wall alongside the outdoor play area
  • • Minimum 1200 sq ft of built up premise with an outdoor play area (preferable)
  • • Ground-floor premises with built-in washrooms
  • • Interiors to be arranged by Franchisee as per the specifications of Techno Junior. Techno Junior may provide images as a guide.

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